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» 2011 » October The Asterisk


There are two types of people I have always envied: morning people, otherwise known as ‘larks’, and heavy sleepers (the latter will be the subject of another post).  People who are fortunate enough to possess both qualities are a double blow. As an ‘owl’, who naturally prefers to go to bed late and sleep late, and […]

Mattias’ drawings

Mattias Adolfsson

I recently discovered the most gorgeous drawings by a Swedish illustrator, Mattias Adolfsson, which are truly captivating.  I love being pulled into these other worlds filled with friendly monsters, talking animals and steampunk contraptions.


The Asterisk

The spines of the asterisk press hard into his back. Only the taut fabric of his suit jacket prevents them from piercing his flesh. Stooped by its burden, briefcase in hand, he hurries to the tram-stop in the dull evening rain after another long day of Hardly-Passion-Inducing work. Many of us have an asterisk. For some, […]